Pipette tips

Molecules like DNA/RNA and proteins have a tendency to bind to plastic pipette tips,which leads to errors,cross contamination and transfer losses.The So-called "low retention" tips merely prevent liquid adhering to the pipette tip, so that even if all the liquid has been expelled valuable molecules can still bound to the tip surface.
Available in the UK exclusively from Global Scientific are our 'NEW' barrier pipette tips that are low retention tips, but also feature a unique surface treatment that significantly reduces binding. In an independent evaluation, Global Scientific's tips showed three times less DNA retention than the best conventional low retention tips currently on the market. They also incorporate a high quality polyethylene barrier that prevents contamination of the pipettor shaft to minimise the risk of carry-over.  Global Scientific barrier tips are certified free of RNase/DNase, human DNA/PCR inhibitors, trace metals and are non-pyrogenic. They are suitable for all the most popular pipettors - Socorex, Ranin, Gilson, Eppendorf, Labsystems and Biohit - and delivery volumes from 10µl to 1000 µl.
Global Scientific particularly recommend our barrier tips for PCR and other applications where aerosol contamination is a concern, for less carry-over and less DNA bound to the walls of the tip.

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