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  • Leak-resistant seal
  • Back pocket holds quarter-folded requisition forms
  • To transport multiple primary tubes, use global scientifics absorbent pads.
  • Easy-to-use — simply insert specimen tube and absorbent material into the front pocket, peel away the white tape liner, and fold down adhesive to cover the opening
  • For transport of cryogenic cryoboxes in a frozen shipper, use the large 95Kpa transport bag 175 x 270mm.

95kpa specimen transport bag with document pouch.

Global scientific's 95kPa specimen transport bag with document pouch. These bags 95kpa compliant and are strong but light weight and completely see through for easy specimen inspection to ensure the handlers safety.

Printed "BIOHAZARD" and "95kPa" with document pouch and with instructions on how to close and seal the bag.

Ideal for mailing specimen your specimen tubes and containers that are not 95kPa compliant.

Protects your Specimens from air pressure changes that can cause specimen leakage at high altitude and therefore essential for all your airmail specimen packages.

Ideal to use as a secondary watertight receptacle according to IATA regulations for shipping Biological Substances.

IATA shipping regulations require that UN3373 Biological Substance, Category B specimens are transported in either a primary container or secondary packaging that has passed the 95 kPa pressure differential test.

Global Scientific 95kPa certified bags feature a patented leak-resistant seal. Specimen tube(s) and absorbent materials can be securely sealed within the front pocket of the bag by peeling away the white tape and folding the adhesive down to cover the opening.

The 175 x 270 mm size includes a convenient back pocket which is typically used to hold a requisition form.

The 95kpa specimen transport bags come with tear strips at the bottom corners of the bag which allow easy access for the end user.

We offer a range of sizes in the 95kPa transport bags including a large, medium, small and extra small versions

****Global Scientific manufacture so we can offer bespoke design service whether it by a specific size or something simple as adding your company logo to the bag please get in touch.

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Weight8 kg
Size (mm)170 x 270
Document PouchYes – to hold a requisition form.
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